T4i at Space Tech Expo 2019

Dec 3, 2019

Technology, innovation and new business ideas have been well combined at last European Space Tech Expo exhibition. The exhibit gave us the opportunity to show where we started from, who we are now and what we would like to be in the near future.

Our presence was to promote ourselves and to present REGULUS, our first electric propulsion system for in-space applications. REGULUS is an EP system for Nano and MicroSATs that we fully qualified and that is going to fly onboard of a Soyuz launch in the middle of the next year serving Unisat CubeSATs carrier space operations.

Being at the Space Tech Expo with REGULUS Qualification Model has been exciting as it’s a piece of hardware that keeps more than ten years of thruster technology development story and two years (the lasts) of its other subsystems’ creation and integration. Among all, we are proud of the iodine feeding system design; its design has not been a walk in the park…

We also got the chance to understand our position within the space propulsion arena, that is now very populated. The offers of propulsion systems for microSATs is relevant, thus highlighting the real needs of new satellites of working in formation, approach objects and perform disposal maneuvers.

At the Space Tech we said to the community that T4i is in, today with REGULUS EP system. But it also has been a key occasion to listen to the overall community, from satellite manufacturers to space cargo ships designers. We came home ready to integrate in the right way our technologies, deriving from all our history, with the capabilities that we acquired in REGULUS overall unit realization. This is how we intend to fit with the present market needs and open new space market scenarios.