the Future

We provide the aerospace market with smart propulsion solutions and services.


We develop innovative engines to serve small satellite platforms. We work with creativity, determination and commitment to open unexplored mobility forms to small satellites and unlimited windows to access space.


We dream the day when each of us will have a personal satellite to move in space and to look at the Earth with new eyes.


Our story started in 2006 at the University of Padua.
At that time nobody was doing space propulsion there, nobody turned-on a rocket in the previous twenty years and everybody was very skeptical about the possibility of doing something serious in rocket science with no background and with no available spaces.
We started thanks to our passion and determination, the one of the people that despite all the difficulties and obstacles believe that life is a unique experience and live to realize dreams. And our dream was to go into space with our motors.
From the beginning we selected the market of small satellite as our natural home, lacking of viable technology solutions at suitable costs. At that time the new space economy was just a far idea.
After working for more than eight years, facing economical and technical difficulties and solving everyday troubles, we flew two times on an unmanned vehicle acquiring respect from several major aerospace companies.
In 2014 we started working a new chapter of our lives. At that time we had strong indication, the motors we were developing in the University environment may turn into products. That’s how we founded T4i, a Spin-Off of the Space Propulsion group of the University of Padua with a mix between entrepreneurs and engineers coming from University and Industry.


1. Creativity: We believe in creativity as the engine to make dreams real.
2. Team: We believe in the team as the core element where diversities converge in a unique, strong and unified identity.
3. Ethics: We believe in ethics as harmony among people, companies and society.
4. Determination: We believe in unconditioned determination as the mean to tear down all the obstacles.
5. Sustainability: We believe in human, economic and environmental sustainability to ensure next generations’ future